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aganu'u custom

agasala sin, conduct deserving of punishment

'ftiga family, relative

aitu a ghost or spirit

ali'i a titular chief

ali'i pa'ia a sacred chief

Atua God

aualuma a group consisting of women (including widows) who are

resident members, by birth or adoption, of a local polity 'aumaga a group consisting of the untitled men of a local polity 'ava kava, a ceremonial beverage made from the root of the shrub

Piper methysticum avaga an elopement

Ekalesia the communicant body of the church fa'ali'i to throw a tantrum

fa'alupega a set of traditional phrases that name in order of rank the principal titles and family connections of a local polity, district, and so on

fa'aSamoa the customs and traditions of the Samoan people fa'avae foundation, or constitution

fale tele a round house traditionally used for the reception of

guests and the holding of meetings fono chiefly assembly, any formal meeting fono manu a juridical fono gafa a genealogy

ifoga a ceremonial apology or request for forgiveness ma'i aitu an illness caused, according to Samoans, by an individual being possessed by a ghost malae an open space, usually in the center of a nu'u, where ceremonies and other activities are held malaga journey, traveling party

maid the dominant part or faction, victorious in war; in modern

times, the government mamalu honor, dignity

manaia the son of a titular chief possessing a title with certain

ceremonial duties and privileges matai the titled head of an 'aiga, who may be either an ali'i or a tulafale

moetotolo surreptitious rape

musu utterly uncooperative, sullen, and obdurate

nu'u a local polity, or village

papalagi or palagi a European

pa'umutu a sexually promiscuous female

pule power, authority, control

saisai a humiliating form of punishment in which an individual is

tied up like a pig about to be baked ta'alolo a ceremonial presentation of food and other gifts offered

to a distinguished visitor tafa'ifa in western Samoa, the four titles Tui A'ana, Tui Atua, Gatoaitele, and Tamasoali'i, which conferred titular supremacy or „kingship“

tama'aiga „royal son,“ applied in western Samoa to the high-ranking titles Malietoa, Mata'afa, Tamasese, and Tuima-leali'ifano taula aitu a spirit medium taule'ale'a (pl. taulele'a) an untitled man taupou a ceremonial virgin

tautalaitiiti impudent, cheeky; lit. to speak up while still young

teine muli a virgin toa a warrior

to'ilalo the defeated party or faction in a war or other contest tosogafafine forcible rape

tuiga an ornamented headdress of human hair bleached to a golden color, the wearing of which is the prerogative of certain titular chiefs and their families tulafale a talking chief, or orator tulafono law, a rule enacted by a fono tupu the term formerly used to refer to the paramount chief of western Samoa

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